CHJ Automotive

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Two products meet 80% needs in urban mobility

Short Distance General-purpose
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CHJ Research & Development Center

In house R&D process in car styling, engineering design and engineering testing.

CHJ Manufacturing Base

Factory I & II (1,000,000 ㎡ and 300,000 units capacity). Industry leading stamping, welding, painting and assembly manufacturing capability. High automation, high quality and environmental friendly.

Intelligent Manufacturing

In Phase 1 of Factory I, 112 FANUC robots enable over 90% automation in welding, 20 DURR robots enable 100% automation in painting.

Industry Leading Quality

Welding: SPR (Self-Piercing Riveting) and CMT (Cold Metal Transfer), ensure the best welding strength between materials.

Painting: film pretreatment, high throwing power electrophoresis, water-based paint, B1B2 painting technique and 2K clear coat, achieve better performance in anti-corrosion and surface painting.

Assembly: a fully automated & digitized assembly system and the informational & visualizing methods (such as the filling error-proofing and the glue-visual system), assure the high quality in assembly.

Energy Conservation & Environment Protection

Industry-leading level of VOC (less than 20 mg/㎥) and zero output of waste water, the water-based coatings, inter-coat free technology and high-efficient exhaust gas treatment system.

SEV Battery Pack Factory

Processing 200,000 cells (18650) per day, 20 KUKA robots with 0.1mm repeated positioning precision, 100% automatic production.

Each SEV battery pack contains 171 of "18650 Li-Ion Cells". The life-cycle data of each can be monitored and tracked to ensure application and recycle energy in a safe, high-efficient and smart way.

Global Supply Chain

Strong partnerships with global leading suppliers.